I was born and raised in a small town in California that no one has every heard of, and I started creating content when I was a kid- best decision of my life! I started with an old polaroid camera and a beautiful area, taking any opportunity to take pictures of the beauty. 
At 14, I started my youtube channel, GigglesUnedited with a shitty short film and a love for Hunter Hayes. I spent years designing my own graphics, editing my videos and gaining the skills I now uses to help clients. I started content strategy meetings at 17, helping friends and other locals build and utilize their followings to drive sales to their brands, before finally deciding to do it as my career at the age of 19. 

+ I spend most of my days creating content, whether it’s for my podcast, the creative boss babe podcast, or one of my many social channels 
+ I have a love for music, my favorite band being 5 Seconds of Summer and my favorite artist being Hunter Hayes.
+ I love fandoms and incorporating them into the brand anyway I can, which is why I share music, what I’m watching, and my fandom color palettes on social media and in my podcast. 
+ If I wasn’t working with creatives, I’d be a filmmaker- as I have 16 shorts under my belt- some of which are bad fandom films and have won awards such as best film in genre and best director.
+ If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be sunny Los Angeles.
+ I have a kitten, Sally, and an iguana named Bob.
+ My celebrity crushes are Hunter Hayes and Ashton Irwin (and I seriously hope they never read this).
+ I hum the Indiana Jones theme song when concentrating and no one can figure out when or how it started.

my name is Emily!

fun facts about me!

@canyonmooncreativeco on instagram