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Colors, fonts, logos, icons- oh my! The things that you always mess with while creating content for your business actually have a place in it! Shocker, right?
It's called visual branding and it helps your dream clients find and identify your brand by what you create!  It goes far beyond just putting your brand name in a pretty font and calling it a day. Don't worry, though! I have all of the tools and skills to help you create your own visual brand identity in a day!

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A day for a brand Identity? WTF?

A day? I know! It's crazy, but who wants to wait weeks for revisions, proofs and choices to be made? Not my clients! That's why I've compressed my brand design service into a live, one-of-a-kind, hands-on design experience that takes place in only 8-hours! Through Voxer, we will work together to bring your brand to life by utilizing live revisions, video proofs, and voice messages! 
Every VIP Design Day project takes place in only 8 hours and promises to deliver your dream brand to you in only one business day! 

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+ An in-depth brand questionnaire to help us better understand you, your brand’s vibe, and your ideal clients.

+ Private design day dedicated to crafting your entire brand identity in only 8 hours. 

+ Priority Voxer access on design day and up to 24 hours after, giving you a one-of-a-kind live design experience with 1:1 coaching and live brand updates. 

+ A custom brand design featuring a logo, alternative logo, submarks to be used for all of your brand’s products, as well as web and print collateral to use for promoting and building your brand’s following.

+ A curated mood board to show off your brand’s new vibe.

+ A typography guide detailing why your fonts were chosen and how to use them on your website, through social media, and other platforms correctly. 

+ A detailed brand guide displaying your brand and telling you how to best implement and utilize the designs to reach your goals.

Why Choose us

Unique Design Experience

Unlike other brand design experiences, this service compresses weeks of designing and revisions into 8 hours- one business day!

A Fresh Eye

As a designer, I try my best to keep up with the trends in design and branding, all of which I will bring to your own brand!

Bonus Design Elements

Unlike with other brand design services, we go above and beyond to deliver amazing work and often include some bonus design goodies to help you launch your new brand!

Virtual Launch Party

After I finish your brand, I throw you a fun virtual launch party on our social media channels, showing off your shiny, new brand for the world to see!

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Why should I pay for a brand design when I can make my own on Canva?

When you hire a brand designer, you're hiring them for their design experience- and that's no different here. When you sign with me, you get over seven years of content creation experience, as well as in-depth knowledge of what goes into a designing a visual brand identity- such as color and font psychology, as well as industry knowledge and experience with design trends. Not only that, but you don't own any logos made on Canva- and who doesn't want to own their logo?

Why is there only a day for the design build?

I'm not going to lie to you- drawn out design projects SUCK. Who wants to wait weeks for feedback and revisions and months for the project to be finalized? We want to make sure you get the most out of your design experience, which includes making sure you get your design as quickly as possible! With our designs being done in a day, that means there's only 8 hours of your time that you need to spend waiting for your feedback to be heard or your design to be finished- not weeks or months.

Can you help me figure out the perfect branding for my business?

Yes! We definitely can! Before your design day, we'll hop on a call and chat about what you're looking for, as well as send you some homework (I know, I'm sorry) to help get a better visual idea of what you'd like. From there, we compile a bunch of inspiration from what you chose- as well as what's popular in your field- and we will work up two brand briefs, which willl land in your private project Voxer chat first thing on your design day! We try our best to stick to what you love to see, while also making sure it works for your ideal clients! 

How can A VIP Design day save me TONS of time? 

Our VIP Design Day takes the wait out of getting a custom brand identity and allows you to launch as soon as the next day! On average, our day projects save clients up to 6 weeks of time and countless headache, as well as saving them over $3k! By cutting down on the hours spent working, we can cut down the time costs, giving you major savings and peace of mind that you're getting the best deal out there! 

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