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I'm Emily

At Emily Hester Creative, I value my clients and their creativity. My ultimate goal is to help them channel that creativity into creating content that connects with their ideal clients, grows with them as they expand to further horizons, and convert their amazing followings into beautiful new clients and customers. My creations are always unique and help speak to our client’s unique vibe. Whether you need a brand new logo, branded photography, or organic videos for marketing, I'm your gal!

creative direction for dummies

why you should get our all-in one service 

Let's be real- as small business owners, we often feel like we're meant to do it all. Well, guess what? That's bullshit. The truth of the matter is that we all need to delegate a little. No longer do we need to be a Jane of all trades. We all have our own Zones of Genius that we should be putting our hearts and souls into- it's why we started after all. And for us here at Emily Hester Creative, we love all things creative, which is why we crafted our new creative direction service. 

We know soooo many people spend hours and hours a week creating everything they need for their brands- their logos, website, feed posts, freebies- but they hate it. Like actually despise it. We're here to take all of your creative needs off your plate and help you create all you need to create and run an aesthetic, strategic business. From brand conceptualization and discovery to brand design and brand photography, we're here to be your virtual CBB- Chief Brand Bestie.

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what's included

creative direction has a lot...

brand strategy

Can't design without strategy, can we? We'll work together to create the perfect brand identity for you- starting with the nitty gritty- who, what, where,... you get the picture.

brand messaging

Are you more of a babe or rockstar person? We'll work on creating the perfect brand voice so you can connect with your people with ease.

visual branding

Now for the good stuff! We'll craft a one-of-a-kind visual brand identity full of strategy ready to grow with your and your business- wherever your adventure takes you.

web design

From brand board to the web, we'll take your carefully-crafted brand and turn it into a gorgeous, ready-to-engage website with the help of one of our web design partners.

brand photography

New brand, new headshots- right? We'll help plan and execute an amazing, branded photoshoot sure to make you feel confident af in your new identity.

content design

Can't have a new brand without new content, right? We'll be giving you all the templates you need to completely overhaul your brand wherever you may show up online!