Create and Conquer is a mastermind designed to help creative entrepreneurs advance their businesses through completing thoughtful weekly exercises and making meaningful connections with others.

12 Week Mastermind Program

Create Content that Works for your Business

The 12 week creative mastermind will focus on a different topic each week, helping members with a range of things from utilizing social media to sell services to crafting the perfect evergreen opt-in to keep bringing in new subscribers. These topics are hand chosen and are accompanied by helpful workbooks, audio trainings, and weekly group calls.The mastermind will also feature access to the entire Canyon Moon library, as well as lifetime access to the exclusive facebook group.
The mastermind opens for enrollment every 3 months, but applications can be submitted anytime to be considered for the next round of the program. 

Here's the Lowdown

Connect with amazing creatives and work together to help all of your dreams come true!

I will support you and help you build the perfect content strategy for your brand. 

You will get a clear vision of who they are and what kind of content converts followers into clients.

We will work together to create what connects to your audience.

You want some accountability partners to help you on your content journey?

you have an idea of what you want to create but no idea how to execute it?

You Want to target your ideal client?

You want better content for your brand?

Let me guess?

- margaret

Emily always strives to make her clients happy and I doubt you will ever be unsatisfied with her work. Emily is an overall great and happy person. She aims to please and her work shows just that. 

- Cassandra

Worked with Emily and completely trusted her to build me something both professional and beautiful! Her process was so seamless.

Read Some Testimonials 

I’m Emily- your friendly neighborhood, spiritual af creative brand and web designer. I’m a small town girl implanted in the big city with the dream of one day owning and operating a full service brand bar- one that will hopefully come to life very soon. 
I started my design journey at 13 with a terrible YouTube channel and mismatched branding. Over the years, I learned the best ways to brand creatives and create content to reach their target audience.
After a bit of trial an error in the traditional education department, I decided to go on a personal learning journey and fell in love with design and branding, which led me to starting this business,

Hello There!

Program Breakdown

Week 1: Finding Your People
For the first week of the mastermind, we will focus on finding your people- aka your dream clients. We will conjure up everything about them from their name to their location to their favorite band (seriously, it helps). These people will be the ones we focus on as we continue through the rest of the mastermind.
Week 2: Crafting Your Mystical Message
Next we’ll be focusing on your brand’s messaging and how to craft it so that it connects with your people and converts them into paying clients, you know- the thing every business owner hopes for!
Week 3: The Brand Recipe
This week we’ll talk about what your brand needs to visually convey your message and connect with your people, including what color theory can do for your brand, how fonts effect your brand’s vibe, and more.
Week 4- the Perfect Paragraphs
Week 4 is all about coming up with the best terms and phrases to peak your people’s interest, as well as the best way to format your copy to sell
Week 5: Pictures Sell 1000 Things
This week is all about curating the perfect photographic presence for your business, including the best way to take your own branded photos and the awesome platforms to find aesthetically pleasing stock photos.
Week 6: Website Wonders
Week 6 is all about your website. We’ll be talking about the best platforms to build/host, the proven way to set up your website so it converts, and how to utilize the the other weeks’ lessons to create the perfect website for your brand!

weeks 7-12 >

Week 7: Selling On Social
Week 7 we start to shift into creating content for selling yourself on social media. We’ll discuss the best practices, some of the highest converting post ideas, and how to sell without being “salesy”.
Week 8: The Curated Content Strategy
This week we’ll be covering different types of content strategies and how you can translate them so that they work for your business! This includes figuring out which platforms will work best for your brand and how best to utilize them for you!
Week 9: Content 101
Week 9 focuses on how best to create content for the various platforms as discussed in week 8. We will touch on everything from recording a podcast to filming YouTube videos to running your own Facebook group!
Week 10: The Content Games
This week we’ll be putting your content to the test in our very own Content Games (think Hunger Games but for your social media). We’ll have a variety of challenges to test and see if your content works for your brand! Winner gets a special prize (worth over $300)!
Week 11: Collaboration Corner
This week, we’ll be breaking up into pairs and working together to create a piece of content that speaks for both parties brands and audiences! Most creative collaboration receives an amazing prize (worth $200)!
Week 12: Create & Conquer Wrapped
Much like Spotify, we’ll wrap up the mastermind with a look back on what you’ve created, how you’ve grown, and the strategies that worked and didn’t work for your business!

< weeks 1-6

+ Reserved spot in our Mastermind Retreat (Coming soon)

+ Free 1/2 Day Branding Intensive (worth $500)

+ 30 Social Media Post Templates for Canva ($20 Value)

+ Facebook Group Starter Pack (Worth $300)


We’re all about content here, so we’ve created an exclusive Instagram pod to connect, chat, and share your latest posts to raise your engagement and show off your amazing content skills.

Grow & Connect

Exclusive Instagram Pod

Each week will come with workbooks and PDFs full of magical, transformative information and exercises to help you transform your business into one with amazing content that is constantly bringing in your people.

Lessons to Complete

Workbooks and PDFs

Each week, we’ll have group calls through Zoom to chat about our businesses, what worked, and learn all about the weekly topic. Each call will happen on Mondays at 4PM PST, and will be recorded in case you can not show up. They will all be accessible though our membership platform, The Biz Babe, within 24hrs.

Connecting & Learning

Weekly Group Calls

What's Included

As part of the mastermind focuses on your visual brand identity, you’ll need to know what your current brand means and how you can alter it so that it works for your goals. A free Brand Audit from Canyon Moon Creative Co. Can help by sharing helpful tips and branding tricks.

worth $150

Free Brand Audit 

Along with our weekly group calls, you also get three (3) group calls with me to discuss your business, the content you create, and how you can adapt the things we talk about each week so that it works for your brand!

PErsonalized tips and tricks

Three 1-on-1 calls with Emily

The Create & Conquer facebook group is designed as a place for you to connect with the other members of the mastermind outside of the weekly calls and group chat. You can use it to ask questions about the weekly topics, grow your network, and find other amazing creatives to work with!

24/7 Community Support

Exclusive Facebook Group

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