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At Emily Hester Creative, I value my clients and their creativity. My ultimate goal is to help them channel that creativity into creating content that connects with their ideal clients, grows with them as they expand to further horizons, and convert their amazing followings into beautiful new clients and customers. My creations are always unique and help speak to our client’s unique vibe. Whether you need a brand new logo, branded photography, or organic videos for marketing, I'm your gal!

What is User Generated Content

And why is it important for businesses today

User Generated Content (UGC) is content designed for brands to use in marketing that is relatable and personal in order to connect with their ideal clients.
With the growth of short-form, authentic content on platforms like Tiktok, consumers are finding it harder to relate to curated, commercial-like content that has been king for the last few years. 
People are more likely to feel drawn to a product or service they feel more of a personal, real connection to. 

Past Video Content


UGC for business platform, Podia.


UGC to promote Ulta's Spring Saving Sale 2022.


UCG for color palette generating software, Khroma.


UGC for business platform, Honeybook.

The Ex HeX

UGC to promote The Ex Hex.

Babe Crafted

UCG for membership Babe Crafted.

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