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I'm Emily

At Emily Hester Creative, I value my clients and their creativity. My ultimate goal is to help them channel that creativity into creating content that connects with their ideal clients, grows with them as they expand to further horizons, and convert their amazing followings into beautiful new clients and customers. My creations are always unique and help speak to our client’s unique vibe. Whether you need a brand new logo, branded photography, or organic videos for marketing, I'm your gal!

you need a website

why should you wait months for it?

Okay, be honest with me- how many times have you panicked when Instagram went down because you had no idea how to run your business without it? Yeah, I thought so. Tbqh, you can't keep running your business solely on social media- why? Because one day it could all go poof and diappear. 

Whether you're a new business owner or someone looking for a change, a content creator who has a Canva site (ewwww) or creative looking for a home base- it's time to invest in your business and creating a hub that will outlive your TikTok that you post on once a week. 

Now before you ask, no, this process doesn't take forever anymore. It's not like when we were younger, coding our Tumblrs for hours on hours. Now, our team can create a gorgeous, functional website that will convert your people into paying clients. Who doesn't want that?

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what's included

there's sooo much you can get

5-page website

Like any good hub, you need a few common spaces for your people to visit: your home, about, services, contact, and your portfolio*.

basic seo setup

Now, you can't have a website that doesn't show when you're on google, right? We help set your website up for success by giving you basic search engine optimization.

domain & ssl

We'll handle all of the backend shit to help make sure your website is safe and ready to launch when we wrap by setting up your domain and working with the Showit team to get your SSL installed.

Showit Setup

We create your website in the best web builder for creatives, Showit, and we'll be sure to set it up so it's perfect for launch day!

plugins galore

We love adding a little spice to our projects, so we'll custom code and install everything you need for a gorgeous, functional site- and yes that includes adding your IG Feed. 

bonus goodies

Thought we'd leave it at that? We're also going to be building you some awesome things like a custom link hub, under construction page, and more!

investment: $3,400


here's how this is going to work

Day 1: kickoff

We kick everything off with a kickoff call where we discuss your brand, your goals for your website, your brand needs, and more! We'll then give you some homework and get everything we need to get started.

Day 2: build day

This day is all about the basics- we'll be grabbing all the different sections and things needed to build your site, including canvases from our private Showit library, and getting them all in order to make the rest of the week a design breeze.

Day 3: design day

Time to customize this ish! We're taking all the work we did yesterday and adding in alllll the customizations- including you brand colors, fonts, images, and even some copy! And don't worry- this is when we have our check-in call ,too, so you'll know what's happening!

Day 4: revision day

Now it's time to make allll the changes! We want to make sure this website is everything you dream of, so we're dedicating an entire day to making sure everything is perfect based on the changes you gave during our check-in call!

Day 5: Wrap up & launch

This is it! The last day! This is when we'll work on transfering everything over and making sure it's alll ready to launch when the clock strikes 5! Then all that's left to do is celebrate!

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