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Hey! I'm Whitney! I live in Dallas with my husband and two Basset hounds. I've made a living as a writer for a decade now, starting as a journalist (I covered food and restaurants for 7 years) and progressing into social media, content and copywriting. I've worked with Fortune 50 companies and Forbes List CEOs. When I'm not working, you'll probably find me drinking Champagne, eating sashimi and watching delightfully trashy reality TV.

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Bringing your dream brand to life in lightening-fast style

If right now you: 
• Are starting a business and needing a brand identity that will grow with your business.
• Have a brand that you're "eh" about, and you're ready to get a brand you're in love with.
• Have a brand no longer speaks to your brand's goals, and you're itching to get a new brand that helps you achieve all of your goals.
• Are pivoting your business, and want a new brand that speaks to your new niche.
Then you’re in the right place. But if you think this is a completely hands-off experience with little to no communication, that's not this. 
Here’s what it IS: 
A one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience where, in one (1) business day, we work work through Voxer to create a gorgeous new brand identity that helps you reach your ideal clients, grow your business, and become more confident in yourself and your brand!

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